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The Amazing World of Triops

Here is some info that I have about the wonderful little 'bug' called Triops (yeah, plural is the same as singular). Triops are small (1" to 1-1/2" inch) fresh water creature native to the North American Southwest, Central America, and South America.
Triops enjoy 75 to 85 degree water and bright light. You can feed them with brewers yeast for the first five days, then with sinking goldfish food.
They can live for as long as 45 days, move fast, and look a lot like a cross between a horseshoe crab and a trilobite.
They also exhibit cannibalism if food gets low, or perhaps they just do it for the heck of it.
They also have a third 'eye' in the center of their heads; it's more like a simple photo receptor, but it works.
The eggs can be bought from larger toy stores, sometimes packaged with Sea Monkeys©.
(Are the Sea Monkeys© feeding stock? The Monkeys are salt water based; I'll have to work on this one.)
Here are a few short .AVI files you can download.


Its been a while between updates, and it look as if someone is keeping the Yahoo club alive. I'm getting back into freshwater fish and the loveable Triops that we all crave for. So there should be some more videos and pictures coming soon.

When I started this page and the Yahoo group there were only about six resources on the net, now there are dozens. Makes me proud in an odd sort of way... Anywho, have fun with them, post your pictures (and remember to give credit when you borrow :) ), and keep growing them.

- John K.

Triop doing a loop. (567k 6 seconds long)
Swimming on bottom. (622k 6 seconds long)
Feeding near top, good swimmeret action. (410k 7 seconds long)
The Triops Information Page - A great site with very helpful information.
Triops Forever Yahoo club - Join to see messages and information form Triops growers around the world. - Now this is a slick page. A must see if you ask me.
Google has this to say about Triops.

Why not stop by my other web page and have a look around.
And remember, if you like the videos, tell me. I'll post more of them.

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